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Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for iron, gold and platinum mines. Mining Right Applications and full suite of environmental authorisations for several new mines Compilation of the environmental component of Kumba’s asset development management (ADM) systemReviewed and updated the environmental risk registers of two shafts Regulatory audit for Impala Platinum and 3 Kumba Iron Ore MinesMine water projects for Kumba and Mogale Gold.




MPRDA Section 102 Applications

  • Management Frameworks
  • Environmental indicators
  • Risk management
  • Land management strategy
  • Skills analysis and development programs
  • Program support
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Water Policy and Strategy
  • Environmental Policy and Strategy
  • Risk management plans
  • Environmental due diligence, auditing and compliance (also MPRDA)
  • Environmental management plans
  • EMS ISO 14001
  • Education and skills development & Awareness programs
  • Program/project support
  • Wetland delineation and management plans
  • Water foot printing
  • Biodiversity offsetting
  • Water Quality Offsetting
  • Environmental and water use authorisations plus MPRDA: Section 102 and Mining Rights
  • Environmental Control Officer
  • Blue and Green Drop support, Water Safety Plans and WWRAPs
  • Biodiversity action plans



Noise impact assessment can be performed to evaluate the impact of industrial noise on residential communities

  • Air pollution is monitored to evaluate the impact of air pollution of the residential communities and any operations (e.g. power stations, fuel refineries, landfill sites etc)
  • Environmental Audit for your operation to assess problem areas in the management of the ecosystem, i.e. water, air pollution and soil sampling
  •  Mentoring, coaching and tutoring in air quality and climate change
  •  Climate change and the interpretation of data, trends etc together with proposed responses
  •  Air quality monitoring projects
  •  Air quality modelling projects
  •  Interpretation of air quality data
  •  Proposals and advice on future research projects
  •  Proposals and advice on future climate change and air quality strategies
  •  Waste Monitoring and Management
  •  Environmental Impact Assessments for all projects (i.e. infrastructure development, ocean projects, mining projects etc)
  •  Environmental Management Plans/programs design and monitoring